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When a financial crisis or a sudden cash demand rears its problematic head, things speedily go from bad to worse unless you bring in ready cash. Things get more complicated if the car carries an old debt that you may not be in a position to clear quickly. The bad credit car title loans erase old car loans and give you extra cash that meets your emergency requirement. Here are some of the common questions that people ask when the vehicle title loans come in sight:

Does the loan for vehicle title really deliver instant cash?

Car title loans place you in a unique position by leveraging the resale price of your vehicle; they go a step further and unlock the equity in the car to your advantage. The result is cash delivered within quick-fire fifteen minutes.

When you avail bad credit car title loans do you lose custody of the car at any time?

The lender’s lien is noted in the records of the DMV against your car title, but the car remains in your custody; you don’t have to part with the car at any point.

Is there a ceiling on the loan you get in car equity loans?

To put it concisely the more cared for and serviced a car is, the better is its resale value. The higher the resale value, the bigger the loan you get; lenders are ready to approve loans up to $10,000 or 60% of the car value, whichever applies.

Here are the best reasons why a client should opt for bad credit car title loans: 

  • California is saturated with retail outlets and there is a high probability of finding a store very near to your residence or work place. Better coverage comes with superior services too.
  • The absence of credit checks and background probing means that your bed credit history does not become a hurdle in availing the pawn car title loans.
  • One of the most difficult aspects of any loan availed by you is loan repayment, but bad credit car title loans will make it easier for you because installments are linked to your income. This is a significant worry off your mind.
  • Another burden, that of loan interest rate, is lowered in car title loans because rates are well within 25% APR. What this implies is that you get to repay loans faster.
  • You will not find clauses or legal barriers that make it difficult for you to exercise your rights at any stage of the loan approval or cash disbursement process.
  • What distinguishes car equity loans from all other short term loans is the exquisite speed with which cash is delivered; no client will be kept waiting more than a quarter of an hour for loan approval and cash disbursement.

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