Hello, this is the Title Loans Riverside’s “Commonly Asked Questions” Page, we hope to answer all your FAQs. Hopefully you’ll find the information you need. If your questions aren’t below then simply contact us at (951)888-5262 or visit our office in Riverside.

What is a car title loan?

A car title loan, also known as an auto title loan is a short term personal loan guaranteed from your automobile. We put a lien on your auto while you continue to drive and possess the car. Once you have paid your loan back, you own your automobile 100 % once again, and we emit the title back to you. Also known as pink slip loan, car loans, title loan, and car pawn loans.

How am I eligible?

–  Vehicle needs to be newer than 1999.

– Client needs to be at least 18 years old.

– Car needs to be at least $2500.00 wholesale value.

What’s required to get a car title loan?

1. Car or truck title (absolutely empty of liens)/ Auto Registration

2. Driver’s License

3. Insurance Proof

How much (loan amount) can I get?

The amount you might access depends on all the worth of your automobile. The money you can possibly receive from an auto loan will depend on the value of your car or truck. Value of the car or truck will be based on the year, make, model, miles driven, and the condition. We’re able to supply a quick rough estimate over the phone (since we do not have access to your car; we are not able to make accurate quotes). Now this rate is provided for free, privately and without delay. Simply call us at (951)888-5262.

Do I Get to Keep My Car?

Without a doubt, it’s your car or truck so you’re going to continue just like before. You will never have to give up your automobile to us to complete the loan. Title Loans Riverside would be able to obtain the title until the loan is fully paid. The moment everything is paid back, the title will be returned back to you.

What If I Have Bad Credit or Filed For Bankruptcy?

No need to worry about bad credit scores or a bad financial history. It will have no effect on you qualifying for a title loan. The only qualification you need to have is a car title (to prove your vehicle ownership), and a vehicle with enough equity for your loan.

Does loan approval take long?

Essentially, all you have to do is prepare the documents with one of our warm and friendly representatives and process your paperwork. After completion of all your paperwork, the loan authorization procedure is going to just take approximately 60 minutes. If you signed and qualified, our team presents you with money straightaway. We want this experience to be hassle-free and effortless for our customers.

What is the Typical Term of a Loan?

The duration of one’s title loan can vary, in accordance with the personalized repayment plan you place together. Many people would like to pay off a loan in a year while other people would want to repay it throughout a few years.

What can I do if I am unable to make a minimum compensation?

Upon your due date, anyone who is incapable of making the bare minimum payment, call (951)888-5262 to produce alternate payment plans.

Am I Allowed to Pay the Balance off of My Loan?

Of course, if you completely compensate Title Loans Riverside’s loan back early then it can only save you more cash! By paying off the loan in fewer months than initially agreed upon (for example, in 8 months instead of a year contracted), you’ll save the interest charges to the surviving months. Meaning you aren’t required to pay more than the specific range of the months your loan would be outstanding.

How do I alter my payment date?

If you cannot make a payment before your scheduled due date, call (951)888-5262 to make sure you get extra time.

How Could I Completely Pay Off My Loan?

To completely repay the loan, call (951)888-5262 to assist you in total loan reimbursement. You can fully repay your auto title loan whenever you want. Title Loans Riverside will never penalize individuals that pay ahead of time and tend to prorate your payment amount.

Is My Information Kept Confidentially?

Our team keeps your contract and information private except to distribute your data to 3rd party sources within our privacy policy to prevent fraud.

Most of your frequently asked questions must’ve been addressed regarding car title loans so now you’re able to apply for one. Just call our warm and friendly team to begin or come visit our Riverside office.