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A banker can be a very unfriendly person in a cash crisis as he will insist on dissecting your credit worthiness before he confirms to himself that you are worthy of a loan. If the past credit record is anything less than exemplary your loan request has more chances of being rejected. The main problem that confronts you is that you have very little time to react in an emergency and you will be requiring a cash infusion very quickly. Only auto collateral loans solve that problem by injecting cash doubly fast and in record time.

These are the main reasons that render car title loans so helpful in tackling financial problems as and when they crop up:

  • A cash loan for title is yours for the asking if you comply with simple procedures-

  • The person that avails the loan must have the car registered in his own name, and preferably not have taken any loan in the past against the collateral of the vehicle.

  • The driving license is renewed and updated and validated.

  • You have some form of personal identification like your social security card or company ID to show the lender.

  • The car insurance policy is valid and premium has been paid up to date.

  • Some proof showing where you reside.

  • Proof that you are the beneficiary of a steady stream of income that could come from permanent employment or a part time job.

  • A car equity loan is yours regardless of the strength or weakness of a your credit background:

  • Even people having a poor payment record can apply for an auto equity loan.

  • No credit report will be analyzed by the title lender

  • A person’s credit history will not be probed; there are no credit worthiness parameters to judge a client’s credit standing.

  • It is the income source which is the sole determining factor and your ability to repay the new loan that is considered important by the title lender.

  • What you can borrow depends on the resale value of the car

The lender gets a car valuation professional to check out a car which takes place very quickly. If the car model is relatively new and in good drivable condition you will have no problems taking away a handsome loan aggregating up to 60% of the car’s resale value.

Before you approach a title lender ensure that the following norms are being adhered to, as good norms are followed by the better business companies:

  • If you want to avail the biggest amount you can check up the Kelley Blue Book of used car prices to determine what the car is actually worth at today’s market rates. This way your vehicle will never be undervalued by a Title loan dealer. It also gives you a great idea how to maximize the car value through simple inexpensive upgrades or by adding class features that command more value.

  • Refer the interest rate in terms of its Annual Percentage Rate or APR as this gives a clearer idea what you end up paying. If the interest is somewhere in the range of 300% APR you would know that you are being ripped off. The best companies are charging rates approaching 25% to 30% APR which is reasonable considering the bigger risks and greater concessions these lenders take on and provide.

  • If repayment is anywhere in the range of 15 days to 30 days, no matter how small the loan you may be availing, you can expect problems. And if a shorter repayment period is clubbed with a higher rate of interest it amounts to predatory lending. Ensure that you are given reasonable time to repay the loan and your monthly income is steady enough to accommodate the debt servicing levels expected of you.

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